EPTA Portugal is organizing the fifth edition of the piano festival and masterclasses with professors Luís Pipa (President of EPTA-Portugal) and Heribert Koch (EPTA Germany).

During a week, from 13th to 20th of July, the masterclasses will be held in a beautiful guest house, "Quinta de Albergaria", in Ponte de Lima. Participation in the masterclasses includes accommodation and full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner). 

The masterclasses are directed at piano students with ages between 16 and 35 years old. 

The number of "active participants"  is limited. In case the number is exceeded, the professors will chose the participants based on their curriculum and repertoire presented. 

All participants will have free entrance to all the concerts of the Festival. 

The students have the possibility of performing in a public concert, pending upon teacher's approval.

All participants will receive a course certificate.

Priority will be given to the "active participants" in terms of accommodation, but in case the number is not exceeded, space will be open for the "listeners". 

EPTA members will benefit from a discount.

To become an EPTA Portugal member follow this link:


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